Tuesday, February 17


Welcome, First Things Readers!

Welcome, one and all, to our humble abode! I hope you enjoyed my essay on Susan Pevensie and C.S. Lewis at the First Things On The Square blog, though, considering you're here, it seems like you are.

This is the Shrine of the Holy Whapping, a group blog which the four (or five of us, if you include our emeritus member) started back when we were all at Notre Dame, and which has continued in the three or four years since we got out into the real world. (Don't ask about the name, it's a long story involving music and sound-effects). Dan is our resident theologian/postmodern fast-food, hymn-singing expert, Drew our cuckoo-clock expert, Emily our official churchlady/Latinist/fashion and homeschooling consultant, and Becket the man of mystery, because I have no idea where he's gone off to. I think we might have left him back two or three rest-stops.

I handle architecture, art (much of which I produce--I take commissions, incidentally), art history, obscure saints, dead European royalty, Alexander Hamilton, and long posts nobody ever finishes reading, despite all the time and effort put into them. Not that I'm complaining. I'm a New York-based graduate of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, who occasionally designs church furnishings, undertakes commissions for liturgical illustration, and, as a critic, sometimes writes articles on architectural matters and more for the Catholic press. (My first scholarly article, "Heaven Made Manifest" appears, complete with illustrations by the author, in the 2008 edition of Antiphon, as well.)

I've even given a few lectures on the subject--my latest, if you're in the area, will be at Thomas More College in Merrimack, NH, on February 27 at 8 PM and will be titled Why Does Our Cathedral Look Like a Sam's Club? The Collapse and Restoration of Sacred Architecture in America. In it, you'll find out what went wrong in recent years, how Pope Benedict is fixing it, and what you personally can do to help. I also occasionally post over at the New Liturgical Movement and Small Pax, as well as helping edit and contributing to the literary magazine Dappled Things.

Pretty much just about anything can happen here on the Shrine, from long, drawn-out binges of self-referential Catholic Nerd humor to more serious (really) poetry and travelogues from my days studying in Rome, serious architectural criticism, gossip about long-ago Hapsburgs, and some things I'm not sure even we can classify. (Like this). Browse through the archives, and come back for more tomorrow!

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