Wednesday, October 13


We Predicted This Ages Ago. Sort of.

We at the Shrine occasionally like to do our impression of Johnny Carson as the fortune-telling, future-predicting mock-clairvoyant Carnak the Magnificent (As the man himself said, "AWACS missal"--opens envelope--"What Fulton Sheen is holding in the new Madame Tussauds Exhibit"), by making our own predictions about the future of the Church, even if we do not personally own our own turban.

For instance, Drew of the Shrine predicted the Anglican Ordinariates in some form not long after Benedict got elected, as well as, also, in some form, the Motu Proprio. Meanwhile, it appears some of the (wholly imaginary) Holy Whapping Television Network's (HWTN) programming has inavertently come to life in the form of the new major motion picture There be Dragons. (Is it possible to describe a film as an Opus Dei Action-Adventure flick? I mean, one without Dan Brown in it). Admittedly, it's not the Clint Eastwood ripoff The Outlaw Josemaría Wales I was hoping for, but still, impressive.

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