Monday, July 16


Back in Papal April...

Back in Papal April (2005), the day after Benedict was elected, we posted this prediction of what to expect from the new Holy Father, broken down into

(1) Inner-church "ecumenism": Benedict will issue a "universal indult"
(2) Inter-church ecumenism, Eastern: The restoration of the Tridentine liturgy, and Benedict's own interests and qualifications, will give a resurgence to Orthodox dialog
(3) Inter-church ecumenism, Western: Benedict will create a "sub-rite" or some other such structure for disaffected Anglicans within the Catholic Church

Well, #1 is taken care of and #2 has progressed impressively, all things considered.

I still stand by #3--in fact, I have more cause to believe it likely now than I did two years ago. We'll see!

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