Monday, February 7

Em has already given you the voting schpiel, I would particularly appreciate if you remembered us when considering the Most Bizarre category. Lest you forget, rememver where you read about St. Christopher-of-the-Dog's-Head, maraca-playing Swiss Guardsmen, Catholic maenads, drunk fresco artists, Father Ted, flounder-shaped churches, the Modern Vicar-General, a comparison between Semi-Arianism and chocolate chip cookies, the sacred chin of St. Anthony, the Popesicle, the Seminarian-of-the-Month calendar, and much much more. Also, let's not forget, when you're considering Most Creative, what other blog has its own order of Mass? Vote today! Or to paraphrase Mr. Liebchen from The Producers, "Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Whapping party!"

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