Sunday, August 8


From the Archives: Another St. Lucy

Matthew Alderman. Sancta Lucia. December 2008. Private collection, Iowa.

Most of you know this image already, but it's a favorite of mine, and some of our new readers may enjoy it. My red-and-black image of St. Lucy has proven particularly popular with patrons. I have done at least three original versions at various points in the past few years. This one (for a priest's niece in Iowa) I am particularly satisfied with, as it works out some of the problems that had found their way into my last two renditions of the subject. At some point in the future I may consider doing some other virgin-martyrs in a similar pose, to form a matched set, St. Casilda and St. Apollonia and other similar saints done in a very different style but in roughly the same processional posture and level of fanciful costume by Zurbarán in the 17th century. Also, another saint would be good as I am starting to run out of variant Lucy-related attributes for her to hold.

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