Friday, June 11


Hilaire Belloc: Wild and Crazy Guy

From Wikipedia's entry on the, er, back half* of our good friend the Chesterbelloc (emphasis mine):
An 1895 graduate of Balliol College, Oxford, Belloc was a noted figure within the University, being President of the Oxford Union, the undergraduate debating society. He went into politics after he became a naturalised British subject. A great disappointment in his life was his failure to gain a fellowship at All Souls College in Oxford in 1895. This failure may have been caused in part by his producing a small statue of the Virgin and placing it before him on the table during the interview for the fellowship.
*Unfortunately he did have some rather, er, back-half moments on occasion, and certainly was the crankier part of the dynamic duo. But then, Chesterton had enough good humor for four men of normal size.

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