Monday, April 12


St. Josaphat's Monastery, Glen Cove, New York

It's always interesting to hear and see how they pick out locations for films. Some seem obvious, inevitable, even. Castle Howard doubled as Brideshead in both film versions of the book, for instance. And others have to do more with expediency, as it seems the entire world can be found within a 50-mile radius of, variously, Los Angeles, New York, and, increasingly, Vancouver.

I was particularly interested to see, as a correspondent pointed out, on this film locations-scouting company webpage this beautiful Byzantine Catholic monastery ensconced in a grand old Long Island Tudor mansion. Sadly there appear to be no shots of the chapel, though the elaborate wood screen at one end of one of the mansion's grander rooms would make a wonderful iconostasis with a bit of work. Also, they have, presumably inherited from the previous owners, a pool-table. (This should not shock you. Even Cistercians are allowed to play pool periodically.)

I am also relieved, and a little pleased, that the location people have carefully noted on their website that there is "NO NUDITY WHATSOEVER" permitted in film shoots out there. The fact that had to be brought up at all suggests in a nutshell a whole week's-worth of outraged letters to Fr. Vasily Vasilievich.

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