Monday, March 8


Unhappy Hipsters

As the people (person?) behind the website Unhappy Hipsters knows, sometimes having too much taste is as bad as having none at all. A simple idea: add silly captions to pretentious, underbuilt, overdesigned interiors and exteriors ripped from the headlines of modish living magazines. The result is darkly funny social sature, or perhaps like reading a biography of Le Corbusier written by Edward Gorey:
"He deeply resented her insistence that their wardrobes coordinate."

"Babe, look! It says here that some people live in trailers, intentionally, without a hint of irony."

"Nutmeg sat stoically atop the cushions. Yet her internal dialogue was a cacophony of discordant thoughts, mostly centered on the absurdity of the double Nelson clocks."

"Unable to complete another painting, he surrendered to the realization that he was truly…madly…deeply in love—with plywood."
(More here).

While we're on the subject, why not have a look round Bad British Architecture?

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