Friday, March 5


Monophysite Cracker Would Make a Great Name for a Band*

You Know You're a Catholic Nerd When the advertising slogan "Part pretzel, part cracker, all good," makes you momentarily want to play the "Spot the Christological Heresy" game.

By the way, why do marketing people assume that something flavored bright orange (the color, not the fruit) tastes like cheddar? As to the Christological analogy, I assume it has something to do with Artotyrite Montanism, whose reverence for cheese is only slightly surpassed by some of my fellow denizens of the Dairy State. Not that I am complaining. Now if you just got the Manichaeans in here with their melons, you could get an entire appetizer table.

*Actually, probably the cracker in question is more precisely speaking, Eutychian, though that is a subset of the Monophysite heresy. I'm thinking fig newtons are Nestorian, though, as it is a thing inside of another thing...or maybe that's more Monothelite....

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