Thursday, March 18


Bishop Baraga Miracle!

Bishop Frederic Ireneus Baraga--some of our readers were introduced to this local Slovenian-born Midwestern holy man when I posted an illustration I had done of him for a recently-ordained priest. I reproduce it below. Some of you (the Yoopers in the audience especially) know him well already, and I received a number of very kind notes from his fans among my readership. You all will be delighted to hear that a possible miracle attributed to his intercession has surfaced, and is under investigation by the diocese of Marquette, the bishop's home turf. As I believe he has not gotten to even the status of Venerable yet, this is very exciting, and, if the miracle proves to pass muster, it could mean my part of the world will get its very own Blessed in the near future. More here!

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