Tuesday, February 9


If Regnal Numbers were Sequel Titles

I am told, though I believe the tale is apocryphal, that they retitled the film The Madness of King George III simply The Madness of King George because of the fears that the viewers of the lumpenbourgeoisie would assume this was the third in a trilogy. Inspired by this, I offer the following suggestions:

Elizabeth II: She's Mad and She's Got Corgies

Leo the 13th Part VII: Loisy Takes Manhattan (Sequel to Nightmare on Chalons Street)

Julius II: The Wrath of Rovere

Henry IV, Part Two: The Voyage Home

Henry V: The Frenchy Frontier

False Dmitri 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear*

Or just plain Pius X (with Denzel Washington as Giuseppe Sarto)

Alternately, one could replace regnal numbers with unnumbered sequel titles for a bit of fun:

Elizabeth: Reloaded

Henry the Live Free or Die Hard

Meanwhile, I can't wait until HWTN broadcasts Terminator: Soteriology.

*Considering at least one of the False Dmitris of Russia had his bodily remains loaded in a canon and fired back in the direction of Poland, the use of fractions seems fairly legitimate here.

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