Friday, February 19


Blogging Jesuit, Hidden Tiger*

A pal from my New York days, scholastic David Paternostro, SJ., is now writing entries on a young Jesuit megablog offering daily retreat meditations inspired by St. Ignatius himself. (Scholastics are essentially Jesuits in priestly formation, and are addressed by the title of "Mister," as opposed to temporal coadjutors, who are called "Brother." Presumably one of our readers can explain better than me, who is basing this on a 30-second glance at Wikipedia). Come on down and have a look!

And yes, Paternostro is his real last name. This is especially funny as the New York archdiocese also has a priest whose first name is Deogratias, if I remember correctly (!).

*Insert Matteo Ricci joke.

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