Wednesday, January 27


Who is this Parson Brown, anyway?

I personally find the secular Christmas carol "Winter Wonderland" nothing short of mystifying (I can't help wondering if "In the meadow, we can build a snowman / and pretend that he is Parson Brown" is some sort of allegory involving that modern-day antipope who had himself elected, then appointed lay cardinals who "ordained" him bishop or something equally reciprocally nutty). But it does seem there are plenty of clerical snowman these days, as these photos indicate: one Dominican (I'm not sure where from), the other Anglican, from, I think, St. Stephen's House in Oxford.

(Actually, this last one is old news, as I'm told it was taken in February 2009. The color is appropriate for the mass of the day, incidentally. This photo is proof positive of why we need these people in the Ordinariates.)

Of course none of these is really a parson in the strict sense of the word when one gets down to it. Do they make Geneva bands for snowmen?

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