Tuesday, December 22


I Hate It When This Happens

A friend sends this along:

From Oscar Wilde's letters, Rome, April 1900:

"Yesterday a painful thing happened. You know the terrible, the awe-inspiring effect that Royalty has on me: well, I was outside the Caffè Nazionale taking iced coffee with gelato—a most delightful drink—when the King drove past. I at once stood up, and made him a low bow, with hat doffed—to the admiration of some Italian officers at the next table. It was only when the King had passed that I remembered I was Papista and Nerissimo [ultra-Black, i.e., in favor of the Pope]! I was greatly upset: however I hope the Vatican won't hear about it."

--Quoted in Yours Ever: People and Their Letters by Thomas Mallon, p. 302.
What is also equally surprising is this may well be the first instance of a Frappuchino being mentioned in modern literature.

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