Wednesday, November 4


The Ultimate Catholic Nerd Halloween Costume

The Emperor Justinian is said to have cried (sounding a bit like the ecclesial equivalent of a superpowered comic-book villain) "Solomon, I have surpassed thee!" upon beholding the interior of Hagia Sophia, which he paid for, but did not actually design. I feel a bit like Solomon right now: I acknowledge a sound defeat in the realm of Catholic nerdry upon beholding the Hallowe'en photo posted by the Sober Sophomore showing some of our successors in Catholic mayhem at Notre Dame, dressed as the pope and four Swiss guards, complete with halberds. The best I could manage was the time I went to a costume party as a Knight of Malta.* Oh, for the days of college-student free time. (Which, being an arkie, somehow I missed.) I bow to the masters.

*More on that later, sometime. It involves a Methodist cassock saleswoman. Really.

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