Thursday, October 15


Matthew Alderman on ETWN Radio Tomorrow

My apologies for the tomblike ambience that has spread over the Shrine the last few weeks. The dust is starting to build up on the gradines down in the crypt, I know. I have been here, there, and everywhere, writing rough drafts for articles, pumping out drawings at the office, and hitting the road a for presentation. And prepping for more of the same in the coming weeks. Things are bound to settle down eventually. But don't worry, I haven't been ignoring you all, dear readers.

Anyway, our readers will be interested to hear I will be interviewed tomorrow by producer Matt Swaim on the Sonrise Morning Show on EWTN Radio at around 8:10 AM EST (7:10 CST). I will be discussing the relationship between liturgy and architecture in general and specifically in my own work and writing. EWTN Radio is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and if there is not a local affiliate near where you live, you can tune in via the internet at

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