Tuesday, September 8


Morlino Miscellanea

I hope all of our readers had a wonderful Labor Day weekend; as for my own, all I'll say is, "Goooo Irish!" (though I'm reserving judgement on the rest of the season until this coming weekend).

Also of note on campus this weekend was the homily given by Bishop Robert Morlino at the 10:00 Basilica Mass. The game tape is below, thanks to CatholicTV, with the homily starting around the 14:30 mark (though, as long as you've got it loaded, take the time to catch some of the always-fantastic music, particularly the Communion chant and motet (52:20)).

The entire homily, on hearing and speaking the truth at all times, is fantastic, but the money quote comes in at the end (25:11):
As I close, I just want to say, I love my brother bishop here, Bishop D'Arcy very much. I love the Holy Cross fathers and community very very much; I go back with them, and with some of you, a long way. I love the students so much in a special way; that's why I came here. And I have one last thing to say: as you take up your mission to be the ephphatha with Christ and like Christ, please don't let anyone or any ideology quell your determination to stand always, unambiguously pro-life. That's the foundation of all else that the ephphatha is about, and if you stand unambiguously pro-life, only then can you be filled with the life and the joy that Jesus Christ wishes for every blessed one of you, and every one of you are indeed blessed. Praised be Jesus Christ!
It doesn't get too much more direct than that, folks. And the congregation's enthusiastic applause after the bishop was thanked (56:44) showed that they heard him loud and clear (thoughts on applause during Mass notwithstanding, it is what it is).

While we're on the subject of the good bishop, if you haven't caught his column on Senator Kennedy yet, you really should do so, as his thoughts on justice, mercy, and sources of scandal in the Church today are poignant and very relevant indeed.

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