Sunday, September 27


[Humor] More Rejected Titles for Our Lady and One Very Obscure Joke about Boxing and Medieval Feastdays

Our last post on this subject generated quite a few more possibilities. Here are some more from the readership, and a few from me.

Our Lady, Mediatrix of all Gravies
Our Mother of Good Vibrations (patroness of windsurfing, and the only known iconographic type shown with sunglasses)
Our Lady of Perpetual Discernment (we all know at least one of her votaries)
Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration (as featured in The Blues Brothers)
Our Mother of Hockey (like Our Mother of Soccer, but scarier)
Our Lady of Good Composure
Our Lady, Queen of Dairies (Patroness of the Fond-Du-Lac Rural Deanery of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee)

This also brought to mind a list of obscure or forgotten feast-day names. As we all know, Christmas is not the only holy day with a -mas or -mass suffix. Annunciation is Ladymass, Holy Innocents is Childermass, Holy Cross Day is Crutchmass, and, by the same logic, if Roberto Duran is ever canonized, his saint's day will be No Más. (Though, in all fairness, supposedly all he said was his stomach was hurting, which means he can replace St. Elmo.)

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