Friday, August 28


Welcome, John Sonnen Fans!

I wanted to welcome our readers coming from Orbis Catholicus. I am sorry if it has been, in terms of the subject matter of my postings, a rather architecturally sparse week, but this will remedy that. John has always been a tremendous supporter of my work, and I owe him a great deal for the opportunities his support has opened up for me. Certainly if anyone has any questions about church architecture and ecclesiastical design work, please, don't hesitate to contact me at the email on the sidebar. The firm I work for has been very excited about such projects.

Some of my design work--an extensive set of new furnishings for a restored century-old cathedral in Vladivostok, Russia including a 40-foot-high organ case/altarpiece and a rose-colored marble altar--was featured last year in Catholic World Report, and can also be read about here. You may also enjoy my writing on architectural subjects in our archives, or over at the New Liturgical Movement (one of the other group weblogs I write for), where I do a great deal of my aesthetic thinking-out-loud. I also have a number of pdfs of articles I have written on the subject (including original illustrations and designs by me) for journals like the scholarly Antiphon and St. Austin Review that I would be happy to share.

In the mean time, you might enjoy this article I wrote discussing my thesis project design for a seminary I did while I was attending the School of Architecture at Notre Dame, and for which I won the Rambusch Prize for Religious Architecture. It can be found here at the site of the literary journal Dappled Things, which is also available in a print version. One illustration from it is shown above and two more follow below.

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