Saturday, August 15


The Liturgical Clip Art Gnomes Strike Again

Via Adoremus:

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz (Lincoln): My question has to do — I’m not
sure if it’s in order — with the publication. When all this is
finished, who decides the artwork that goes into the Missal? The
reason I say that is because the Sacramentaries we have now have some
childish stick men and silliness in there. And the old Missals had
some beautiful woodcuts and other sorts of things.

Is it the committee or the body of bishops? Who decides the artwork
that’s going to go into the ultimate publication? I don’t know if that
question is in order.

Bishop Serratelli: My understanding is that the publishers decide
that. [Some groaning and laughter].

Ya know, this could be fixed. (COUGH).

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