Friday, August 7


Items of Clerical Vesture that Sound Like Types of Pasta or Other Sorts of Italian Food

1. Mozzetta (always get the kind made from buffalo milk, not cows)
2. Ferraiolone (Could be the flat layers of pasta that go into a lasagna)
3. Greca (it probably involves anchovies and pesto)
4. Soprana (actually, this sounds less like Italian food and more like someone with an Uncle Tucci who sleeps with the fishes)
5. Tabarro (Chicken al tabarro on a bed of fresh spinach hand-picked by Protonotaries Apostolic)
6. Zuchetto (Hand-made whole-wheat ravioli stuffed with fresh zuchetto, in a cream sauce a la Propaganda Fide)

Soutane, on the other hand, is clearly something involving garlic, snails, and French white wine.

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