Thursday, July 30


Our Lady's Tears

I was recently commissioned, intriguingly, to do a logo for a new Catholic independent film company, Our Lady's Tears, started up by a friend and client who had previously commissioned one of my favorite pieces of art, my image of St. Agnes. Our Lady's Tears is "a Catholic film production company formed in April of 2009, and fuelled by the passion to reveal the richness of the Roman Catholic faith, its traditions and mystical life," and is currently showcasing a couple of trailers for their new film on the life of the shepherdess St. Germaine. They hope to help fund the full-length film in part through selling rosaries and CDs, so have a look round and help out!

The logo, incidentally, we hope to make the end of a short animated sequence showing Our Lady on the flight into Egypt. The design links the pain of her exile with the Christ Child with the sorrows of the Stabat Mater, represented by the quoted text from a medieval version of the sequence, with authentic medieval abbreviation marks supplied by the foremost expert on the subject in my generation. There was some talk of including, in the background, an idol falling off its pillar, a shorthand representation of a legendary event associated with Christ's sojourn in Egypt, but it did not lend itself to the strong, simplified composition demanded by a logo.

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