Tuesday, July 14


A Lesser-Known Pre-Raphaelite

Edward Reginald Frampton, 1872-1923: "Frampton's highly decorative, exaggerated style is typical of the late phase of Pre-Raphaelitism, which extended well into the twentieth century." --The Pre-Raphaelites, Christopher Wood, 1981. Take his Annunciation: striking melted-lifesaver colors that put me in mind of the early Florentines, somewhat curious faces, though there is a touch of Burne-Jones to the intelligent blue gaze of the Virgin's face. The Virgin attentive, servantlike, yet seated in an almost thronelike pose. The angel gracious, though somewhat contorted. Intriguing, worthy of further study, though not quite a total success.

A few other examples of this later exponent of the movement--luminous, open, and occasionally slightly peculiar, more due to technical shortcomings than anything unwholesome can be seen here and also here. Some follow below. A number are quite strong, though the final image, of St. Cecilia (based on a Tennyson poem rather than the saint's actual legend), borders on the twee, but there's some good raw material in there worth extracting:

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