Thursday, July 9


From the Author's Notebook

An article I wrote entitled "Heaven Made Manifest: An Architectural Solution for The Spirit of the Liturgy," unpacking what Papa Ratzinger's writings and the Motu Proprio mean for ecclesiastical architecture and planning in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms, was published in a recent edition of Antiphon: A Journal of Liturgical Renewal (12.3, 2008), including some illustrations from my hand. The full article should eventually be posted on the Society for Catholic Liturgy website, but in the mean time, here's a few of the images I prepared for its publication, a number of liturgical designs in various permutations of the Viennese Sezession style, chosen mostly because of its ability to bear simplification fairly easily, thus allowing a way around budgetary constraints that has not been yet explored in great depth.

And here are some sketches for a hypothetical cathedral I imagined for the Steubenville diocese, dedicated to the Triumph of the Cross. The larger of the two has been featured here before, but the smaller study is new.

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