Monday, July 13


Another Undeservedly Neglected Interwar Church

These are some photos I took on Corpus Christi weekend in Chicago, of the handsome Deco-influenced Gothic revival Presbyterian Church on the same block in Woodlawn Park, Chicago, as the Institute of Christ the King's new headquarters at the former parish church of St. Gelasius, whose flank can be glimpsed above. It is a surprising contrast to seen these two, very different grey stone churches back-to-back, squeezed into a relatively narrow city block.

It is a rather striking design, perhaps not quite as majestic as its Gothic fellows a few blocks north on the U Chicago campus, but still undeservedly forgotten and with some rather clever details and very good massing after the manner of Goodhue. The flank, with its curvilinear buttresses, as well as the tower, are probably the best parts. The front is less dynamic, but still well within the standards of the time, and perhaps with a bit of a clean, the whole complex could be quite charming.

Fortunately, the Institute's presence, and a number of other local improvements, have done much to improve the area since my last visit in 2006. It will be interesting to see how the neighborhood develops in the near future.

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