Tuesday, June 2


Dancing in the Streets

Fr. Z reminds us today is the occasion of the famous Dancing (or Leaping) Procession (three steps forward, two back) in Echternach, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg--one of two instances of liturgical dance (the other being the dance of the Seises of Seville Cathedral) that are not only tolerable but rather P.O.D. It has something to do with St. Willibrord, though his feast day is in late fall, November 7.

Incidentally, freshman year of my time there, the one Latin mass held on Notre Dame's campus, sponsored by the now-defunct Medieval Society, a.k.a. the Worshipful Company of Our Lady of the Lake, was done, for reasons that remain obscure to me, on St. Willibrord's day in November, with the proper medieval chants and a sequence for his feast. This custom appears to have died out, but fortunately the Latin Mass can be found once or twice weekly on campus now, sometimes in the Novus Ordo and more frequently in the Extraordinary Form.

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