Tuesday, June 16


Continuing the "Ecclesiastical Biography Made Easy" Theme

...that I started some weeks back, a few more capsule lives of the saints and great ones of the Church.

St. Patrick: Snakes on a plain.
St. Benedict Joseph Labre: The Forrest Gump of 18th Century Rome.
St. John Climacus: Stairway to heaven.
Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé: Ask me about my vow of silence.*
Fulton Sheen: As seen on TV!
St. Lucy: No, those aren't the novelty googly-eye glasses from the Geico commercial.

*(This was actually stolen from a slogan on a tee-shirt purportedly worn by the abbot of a local Cistercian monastery here in the Midwest, according to one news article. Really. )

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