Friday, May 29


I Suspect This is a Bad Idea, But I'm Not Sure Why

The Dog-O-Matic automatic dog wash.

The inventor, a Frenchman named Romaine Jarry, notes that ""The dogs don't seem to get bored. They just sit there, and they come out clean." I think this says a whole lot about the inner life of dogs, and animals in general. One recent visit to Milwaukee's excellent zoo impressed me with, yes, the eerie way animals can seem almost human at times--and how abruptly and spectacularly they fail to go anywhere beyond merely eerie, in cases like this. (Koko the gorilla's miserably Dadaistic syntax springs to mind.) I know while I wouldn't be bored, I'd not exactly be sitting there calmly, either, if hauled into a pet dishwasher against my will.

On the other hand, back at the zoo, there were those monkeys that spend most of their day sitting around doing nothing but digesting their food, which is a very human activity, come to think of it.

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