Wednesday, March 18


Paging All Milwaukee-Area Catholic Nerds, or, Bishop Takes Rook

I will be starting work at a new position in Milwaukee, at a rising young Classical firm, in late April. From my meetings with my future superiors and co-workers, I think it will be a really great opportunity for me, and I am also excited about finally being able to live in a place where affordable apartments have separate bedrooms and the commute doesn't involve roving bands of mariachis invading the subway. The many, many friendships I made in New York, as well as the grand old metropolis itself, will make leaving difficult, but from what I have seen, Milwaukee appears a very fine place to live--not too crowded, not too empty, with a very good cultural scene for a city of its size and good food, restaurants and friendly inhabitants. It also appears there are a number of good parishes to choose from--we will pass over the state of the wreckovated cathedral in silence--and I also plan to be in Chicago fairly frequently as well.

I made several very good friends due to the gracious responses I received when I first moved to New York and asked anyone who wanted to meet a Catholic nerd in need of friends and new in town, so I'll do it again this time. I'd love to hear from any area readers or friends of readers who'd like to meet me, and also any tidbits about Catholic life in Milwaukee and Chicago. Please comment in the box or drop me a line at malderman83 (at)

PS. As to Dolan, I don't know if this trade of architect for hierarch was in the fine print of the deal he signed (I'm thinking of renting his U-Haul once he gets here), but my fellow New Yorkers, treat him well, as I am sure he will make for a worthy Cardinal Archbishop.

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