Saturday, February 14


World Wrestling Euno-mania (WWE)

Actual Eunomian

Around AD 378, St. Gregory of Nazianzus preached his great Theological Orations against the Eunomians, showy Arians who denied the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

He warned:
"They are like the promoters of wrestling-bouts in the theaters, and not even the sort of bouts that are conducted in accordance with the rules of the sport and lead to the victory of one of the antagonists, but the sort which are stage-managed to give the uncritical spectators visual sensations and compel their applause." (27:2)
(from a superior translation to that linked above)

Ultimately, the Eunomians lost for the same reason as the Pneumatomachi--the Holy Spirit can't be taken down with a folding chair.

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