Wednesday, February 18


Holy Cross, Sedona

As most of our readers know, I am not terribly fond of modernist architecture. Nevertheless, there are some rather crisp "porthole moderne" examples from the thirties that I don't mind (perhaps out of nostalgia for old PBS airings of Poirot), and I'm rather fond of a good bit of Frank Lloyd Wright's work. These tend to have at least some touches of traditional design and craftsmanship, however obscurely lingering. One more purely modernist design that I find of note if not necessarily completely beautiful is the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, done by one of Wright's disciples. I'm not sure whether it's the pre-Conciliar layout, the stunning surroundings, or its intimate size, but it is not without a certain appeal, if in a super-Cistercian, pared-down sort of way. It is, like all modernistic buildings, a bit diagrammatic, but it nonetheless offers food for thought. More here.

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