Saturday, February 14


Happy Valentine's Day from the Onion

I Wish I'd Spent Valentine's Day Eating A Prix Fixe Dinner, But I Was Too Busy Getting Beheaded
By St. Valentine
February 10, 2009 | Issue 45•07

Is it Valentine's Day already? My word! How the time does fly. I might have missed the day entirely had I not caught a glimpse of all the young couples walking hand in hand this evening, filling the tables of every fancy French restaurant in town. And what better way to celebrate this fine holiday than sharing a scrumptious, fixed price, three-course menu with your beloved? Lord knows that's what I'd be doing tonight if my head hadn't been severed from my body in the third century!

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And from the Shrine,
Happy Valentine's Day to the couples, and happy Cyril & Methodius to all!

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