Tuesday, January 13


Zurbarán's Virgin-Martyrs

I have never been able to ascertain whether these served as a set, but every now and then I run across a new addition to what appears to be a series of paintings by the Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán of virgin-martyrs in delightfully lavish costume, holding up the appropriate hagiographical attribute. They have a certain mixture of solemnity and girlish sweetness that always cheers me.

St. Casilda, 1638-42, 1,84 x 0,90 m., Oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

St. Agatha, 1633, Oil on canvas, Musée Fabre, Montpellier, France.

St. Margaret, 1631, 1,94 x 1,12 m., Oil on canvas, National Gallery, London. (St. Margaret was, at one time, a shepheredess.)

St. Apollonia, 1636, Oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre.

More of the painter's work can be found here.

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