Thursday, January 22


Potential Step in Reaching Communion with the SSPX

In 1964, Paul VI and Patriarch of Constantinople Athenagoras I met to mutually lift the excommunications placed upon each other. In the words of OrthodoxWiki, "This was a significant step towards restoring communion" with Rome.

The rumors now are that a similar thing is poised to happen with the SSPX: Benedict XVI is said to be close to lifting the excommunication against them.

One imagines that this could also be "a significant step towards restoring communion." Communion, of course, is always doctrinal and juridical, so there would be no full communion until they arrive at doctrinal and juridical consensus with Rome.

We've been working at it with the Orthodox for 40 years since that excommunication--which was only against the Patriarch himself--was lifted. Any bets on how long it might take with the SSPX?

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