Wednesday, December 3


The Narnia Code?

Telegraph: "Secret theme behind Narnia Chronicles is based upon the stars, says new research"

Okay, it's actually not some crazy secret code story. After all, the Chronicles are only 50-ish years old; what kind of Tom Hanks movie would that make, really? (Answer: one that couldn't possibly be worse than, well, you know.) It is, however, an interesting theory, and one that seems not altogether improbable, given the climax of That Hideous Strength.

On the other hand, I don't really buy the notion that this supposed system will somehow "
help elevate Lewis to a different level and make him the equal of Tolkien." It's interesting and all, but really, has this guy read Lord of the Rings, much less The Silmarillion? (Well, okay, I have yet to finish the latter, but I've started it at least three times, so that's got to count for something.) I'm fairly sure Tolkien's place is safe for the moment.

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