Tuesday, December 9


Muggeridge and Heenan

Excerpted from an interview with Cardinal Heenan of Westminster:

MUGGERIDGE: I always feel that almost the only reason that I'd like to become a Cardinal would be to be waited on by nuns.
CARDINAL: I think you'd make a very good Cardinal as a matter of fact.
MUGGERIDGE: I doubt it strongly. Not a Cardinal, perhaps a bishop.
CARDINAL: Well, you've got to start somewhere.
MUGGERIDGE: I always like lunching on Fridays, because we don't have meat.
CARDINAL: You're not getting any fish, by the way, you're getting an omlette.
MUGGERIDGE: No, no, it's very nice. This would be part of the Catholic life that I would find the least difficult. I suppose it dates from a time when eating meat was a tremendously important thing.

--Malcolm Muggeridge, Muggeridge through the Microphone, 1968

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