Tuesday, December 9


"Litte Ratzinger" Succeeds Arinze!

Cardinal Arinze was a likeable, pious (and at times, quite funny) churchman, and we will be sad to see him go, now that he has surpassed the canonical age of retirement. However, the new prefect, Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, the so-called "Little Ratzinger" and former primate of all the Spains, looks to be potentially even more exciting, no disrespect intended to my lord Cardinal Arinze. In particular, I would say his membership in the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (since 2006) and warm regard for Tridentine orders such as the Institute of Christ the King may signal the flowering of the new phase in the Reform of the Reform and the enrichment of the Ordinary Form initially set in motion by the Motu Proprio and its freeing of the older form of the Mass. While most of us were holding our breath for Ranjith, this guy seems just as good.

Plus, heck, the guy knows how a Cardinal ought to look:

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