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From the Manuale Sacramentorum or Mexicanensis

From the ritual handbook of the Church in Mexico, published in 1560. Extracts from the table of contents:

f. 120 v. - The beginning of the rite of excommunication and the form of absolution.
f. 133 - Rite for blessing borders/boundary lines.
f. 135 - Rite for exorcising storms.
f. 140 v. - Rite for blessing and exorcising produce against lucsts, caterpillars, and everything that gnaws.
f. 142 v. - Rite for healing demoniacs.
f. 152 v. - Blessing of fire, in which incense, rue or sulfur are to be burnt against demons.
f. 153 v. - Blessing of water against worms and cankerworms.
f. 154 - Blessing for [the wearing] of a habit by a boy or girl because of some vow.
f. 155 v. - For releasing a boy after a year when he has worn a habit because of a vow.
f. 156 - Blessing at the start of some good work. Blessing of copper and other metals. Blessing of the paschal lamb. Blessing of meat, sheep, or birds, cheese and eggs, bread, a place or home.
f. 159 - Rite for receiving a prelate or legate in procession.
f. 162 v. - A sung litany [for Rogation days].
f. 163 v. - Treaties on mistakes occuring during Mass.


The Manual, according to the practice of the venerable Mexican Church, very recently reviewed and enriched in many respects, ends here.

--Appendix F, Jaime Lara, Christian Texts for Aztecs, 2008

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