Friday, November 21


We will never run out of caption contests again...

Thanks to the Life Magazine image archive now being hosted by Google, we now have a nearly endless supply of images like this:

Whapster Dan and I were up into the wee hours this morning swapping our finds on this site. If you're looking for a similarly delightful, yet educational, way to blow some time, try searching "pope," of course, although plugging in specific popes' names gets you more results (the search maxes out at 200 for whatever reason). "Notre Dame" also pulled up some fun photos of the sisters fighting Communism by day and performing musical comedy by night.

A couple of other favorites: "Your Grace, I believe the Vatican is that way." and (on the inset) "I don't know, how did I win?"

(H/T for this find goes to the forums on a knitting website ... long story)

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