Tuesday, November 11


New Line Art by Matthew Alderman

Matthew Alderman. The Dream of S. Martin. 4.6" x 10.8", Ink on Vellum. Commissioned by a medical gentleman in Wales. October 2008. Private Collection, Great Britain.

"In a winter time as Martin passed by the gate of Amiens, he met a poor man all naked, to whom no man gave any alms. Then Martin drew out his sword and carved his mantle therewith in two pieces in the middle, and gave that one half to the poor man, for he had nothing else to give to him, and he clad himself with that other half. The next night following, he saw our Lord Jesu Christ in heaven clothed with that part that he had given to the poor man, and said to the angels that were about him: Martin, yet new in the faith, hath covered me with this vesture. Of which thing this holy man was not enhanced in vain glory, but he knew thereby the bounty of God."

~Bl. Jacobus de Voragine, O.P., The Golden Legend, or, the Lives of the Saints, Englished by William Caxton, 1483

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