Tuesday, October 7


Churches of Kiev

Church of St. Andrew on St. Andrew's Hill (1747–1754), by Rastrelli.

Church of Bohoroditsa Pirogoscha, a recently-reconstructed church in an ancient style.

St. Sophia's Cathedral.

St. Michael's Cathedral, another recently-built reconstruction. The term "cathedral" is used in a much broader sense in Orthodox lands than in the West, and is appears to be applied to larger or more significant churches, such as the principal chapel of a monastery.

Another view of the Church of St. Andrew.

One interesting point here, which has attracted a certain degree of scholarly cultural but not mainstream architectural interest, is the phenomenon of newly-reconstructed churches in former Soviet countries, as well as the construction of new churches in traditional styles. Excepting particularly extreme examples such as the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, this is a subject not widely remarked-upon both in the world of architecture, and is worthy of further study; though it must be noted that in at least some of the examples there's a fair amount of cost-cutting; I believe many of the frescoes in Christ the Saviour are in fact photographic transfers rather than hand-made copies, but I would be happily proven wrong in this instance. Nonetheless, it would appear the death of the Cossack Baroque and Russian Byzantine styles to be rather premature in this instance.

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