Wednesday, September 10


A Word a Day

I have not seen Pan's Labyrinth, nor have any intention to, but the example sentence below from the good folks at A Word a Day amused me tremendously:

Toronto blessing. PRONUNCIATION:(tuh-RON-toh BLES-ing). MEANING: noun: A form of religious rapture marked by outbreaks of mass fainting, laughter, shaking, weeping, fainting, speaking in tongues, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: After Toronto, Canada, where the phenomenon was experienced in a church in Jan 1994.

USAGE:"[The movie Pan's Labyrinth] was received in awestruck rapture by the world's press, and left me feeling a little like a Roman Catholic prelate at a pentecostal ceremony, smiling with thin politeness while all around congregants were getting a Toronto Blessing full in the face."Peter Bradshaw; Hellboy II: The Golden Army; The Guardian (London, UK); Aug 15, 2008.

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