Monday, September 15


Will the Real St. Elvis Please Stand Up? (And With That, I've Exhausted All My Pop Cultural References for the Evening)

Reading The Golden Legend on an overcrowded subway carriage on the way home this evening, I did a major double-take in the midst of Chaper 131, "The Birth of the Virgin Mary":
Joachim took a wife named Anna, who had a sister named Hismeria. This Hismeria was the mother of Elizabeth and Eliud, and Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. Eliud was the father of Eminen [WHAT? HUH? Wait, it's a real name? Oh, never mind, Eminen...never mind...], and Eminen the father of Saint Servatius, whose body is in the town of Maastricht on the Meuse...
By the way, there actually is a St. Elvis (or Ailbe), who is said to have come from Ireland to baptise St. David. (And a St. Napoleon, too; stained glass here). They should not be confused, respectively, with the Twenty-Four Hour Church of Elvis, or the megolomaniacal French emperor of the same name. More at this link from an intriguingly weird post at Laudator Temporis Acti, which also includes lengthy digressions on The Pumpkinification of the Divine Claudius, some scatology, Elvoid cultists, and Vespasian's last words.

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