Monday, August 11


Thou Unpronounceable, I know you are with me

I suspect Dan of the Holy Whapping will be pleased with this admittedly-unexpected CDW ruling:

"Avoiding pronouncing the tetragrammaton of the name of God on the part of the Church has therefore its own grounds. Apart from a motive of purely philological order [NB: No one actually knows how to pronounce YHWH], there is also that of remaining faithful to the Church's tradition, from the beginning, that the sacred tetragrammaton was never pronounced in the Christian context nor translated into any of the languages into which the Bible was translated.

II - Directives

"In liturgical celebrations, in songs and prayers the name of God in the form of the tetragrammaton YHWH is neither to be used or pronounced."

Link to the scans of the original documents.

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