Tuesday, August 19


New Dappled Things out!

Shrine friend Bernardo, president of Dappled Things magazine, writes to remind us that there another issue out of this fine new literary journal out for your amusement and edification:
It is a pleasure to inform you that the SS. Peter and Paul 2008 edition of Dappled Things has just been published online.

[Okay, me posting this announcement is about a month too late, but it's been a long summer. And there's the possibility of free stuff, see below. --Matt]


The final installment of Eleanor Donlon's Magdalen Montague is here at last! In Part V: "The Triumph of Magdalen Montague," you will read the conclusion of this complex story of redemption, spanning forty years of correspondence. Learn the fates of the loquacious letter-writer "J", his virulently anti-religious recipient "R", the silently holy Domokos Juhász, and the long-absent Magdalen. As fitting a collection of letters, a belated Prologue and corresponding Epilogue now appear—but only the former can be found online. Fear not! Instructions for obtaining a copy of the printed issue are included below.


Other important features include a chilling monologue and poignant expression of human suffering, a vivid and unflinching poetic exploration of modern dreams of progress, the adventures of a half-pint cowboy hero, a thought-provoking essay on love, sex, and our "second selves", two meditations upon the Providential benevolence and beauty of the sacrament of marriage, and a striking array of black and white photography, principal amongst them Patrick Anderson's image of the concrete Angel, terrible in its beauty (now gracing the cover of the print issue), as well as many, many more excellent fiction pieces, essays, poems, book reviews, and works of art. I hope you will enjoy this powerful new issue!

As noted above, the final chapter of "Magdalen Montague" will not be available online while the author seeks a publisher for the series in book format (discerning publishers, take note!), so if you are aching to finish the series, and have, in the blind innocence of prosaic distractions, allowed your subscription to lapse—fear not! Today you can purchase a retroactive subscription or a single copy of this issue (at the astonishing rate of $8!). You will find our mailing address in our subscriptions website. Make sure you mention the vital necessity of finishing the Montague series, and let us know that you want to begin your subscription with the SS. Peter & Paul 2008 edition. And send your cheque today (payable to Dappled Things Magazine)—supplies are limited and demand is high!
Also, from the good news department of Dappled Things, free magazines!
We have a limited supply of copies of the new printed edition of the magazinethat we would be willing to send (at no cost) to any of your readers who are interested. [...] Send an e-mail to dappledthings [dot] cybulski [at] gmail [dot] com, with "SAMPLE ISSUE" written in the subject line and their name and mailing address in the body. We will not spam people who send us their information, nor will we sell their precious data to spammers or any other nasty thing of that sort.

Copies will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis, while supplies last.
What are you waiting for?

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