Thursday, July 31


Vacation Hiatus, and Continuing the Sci Fi Theme [UPDATED]

I apologize for the fact that posting has been thin this week. I would blame it on Archbishop Dalek having trashed my apartment, banging into the walls and shouting "Pro Multis!" over and over again in a loud tinny voice, but my place is hardly large enough for myself, much less a mid-sized alien shaped like a dustbin studded with gumdrops. I've been busy prepping an entry for the Latrobe sacred arts competition mentioned below, and getting ready to go off on vacation. I'll be gone from Manhattan until the fourteenth of August, hopefully sucking in some pleasant country air and seeing those strange green things other people call trees. Maybe there'll be a few posts from the road, but I can't promise anything. In any case, please drop by next week on my return--I'm sure there'll be plenty for me to share.

In the mean time, two things to keep yourself entertained. Feel free to meditate on this quote from my boss, about the strange effect caffeine has on me: "I like it when Matt drinks coffee. He tells funny jokes about... (pause) ...medieval Christianity."

And also, this photo of some Australian Anglicans in procession [UPDATE: actually, Lutherans--see below], with an unexpected interloper trailing behind. If anyone can make sense of it, please let me know. I don't think it's photoshopped. It makes me wonder exactly what's going on in Lambeth these days...

Actually, what puzzles me more is the ruffs.

[UPDATE: Turns out they're members of the Lutheran State Church of Iceland--hence the ruffs--and it looks like it was Vader's idea to tailgate them.]

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