Thursday, July 24


Oldschool U2 - Deluxe Editions!

"You gotta problem with that?"

This past week, U2 released special deluxe editions of their first three albums - Boy, October, and War. These albums present a very different version of U2 from the one we've come to know - i.e., the Biggest Band in the World - and instead show some young Irishmen making good, punk-influenced music (Bono Ramone, anyone?). This is especially the case with some of the bonus tracks on Boy, which include some of their very early singles and and their first EP. Other bonus tracks include some interesting live material from concerts in 1980 and 1981. Personally, I find this music, from before The Joshua Tree made them huge, to be some of the freshest and most interesting stuff U2 has put out, including a lot of religious themes that are still present in their music but were especially prevalent on October, where the first song features the chorus: "Gloria in te Domine; Gloria, exultate".

I definitely recommend this to anyone whose exposure to U2 is mostly post-Joshua Tree or who might have heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday" but little else of their early work. Also, coming in September is another deluxe edition, of their concert at Red Rocks, Under A Blood Red Sky.

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