Tuesday, July 8


Anglicans wrote this?

After the Church of England voted to ordain women to the Episcopate yesterday (itself a surprising instance of Anglicans deciding something definitively), representatives of some 1,300 clergy, including Anglo-Catholics, released their own surprisingly straightforward intent to do something that may be surprising concrete:

The consistent behaviour of the General Synod compels Forward in Faith and the Catholic Group in General Synod to recognise that, without intervention by the House of Bishops, there is little prospect of gaining a synodical majority which would provide a structural solution that would meet the needs of those who, out of obedience to scripture and tradition, are unable in conscience to receive the ordination of women to the episcopate. We will in the coming days continue to explore all possible avenues which might secure our corporate ecclesial future and look to our bishops to facilitate this.

When the celebrated ability of the Church of England to muddle its way through disagreements falters, the Anglican Communion really is on the verge of... something.

(Tip of a biretta-worn-with-tippet-surplice-and-hood to Titus 1:9

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