Friday, June 6


What Next, Knockoff Palantiri?

I read that an exhibit of Narnia-related props and costumes is going to go on tour starting in June 2008 on a five-year journey that will include, possibly, London, Sydney, Chicago, Tampa, and about seven or eight other world hotspots. The company managing the event, the Becker Group, previously hosted a cheese-related expo in preparation for Ratatouille, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Still, it could be fun. What worries me, however, is surely everyone knows by now that the controversial Narnian National Heritage Conservation Act of 2372 forbids the removal of any state treasures from the kingdom (with the exception of three of the Lone Islands and Deathwater*), which means either those dang forgers in Tashbaan are at work again or, more ominously, the mouse lobby at Cair Paravel was bribed with free Ratatouille promos. You know who really runs the show these days down by the coast.

*The suspiciously-large number of gilded statues of scuba divers lying at the bottom of Deathwater Lake around the submerged, solid gold monument to Lord Restimar led the bill's framers to think any action in that matter to be superfluous.

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