Monday, June 16


Two Tee-Shirt Related What the Freak? Moments from the Weekend

Spotted near the 86th Street Lex subway stop. A scruffy guy in a black tee-shirt with the image of Dalí's Christ of St. John of the Cross--in glowing green, mind you--and the embroidered words Mago de Oz ("Wizard of Oz") in cursive above it. The line where blasphemy crosses the line into baffled "huh?" has now been defined.

Less weird, but still a little: another guy, on the same train, later in the day, wearing a tee with an image of an old-fashioned roadster with a Greek hoplite stepping out of a secret compartment behind the front radiator grille, Trojan horse-style. There was a little crescent moon up in the corner. Considering the car's front license plate had Greek letters on it, it must be a fraternity thing.

But Christ of the Emerald City just baffles me, sort of like the current fad among young men in baggy pants of wearing not just one rosary around their neck but simultaneously three at the same time. Maybe they just do a lot of praying.

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